Ion power s

A strong alkaline ionic solution penetrates the oil on the ball and a non-ionic surfactant washes off oil and dirt without damaging the coverstock since it is a water soluble liquid. MORE INFO 

microfiber cloth

Specifically designed to be used with Ion Power S.  Also there are several types of cloths to be used with each Polishing Gel roughness level.

ion power 2000

Comes in 20 liter Baron Box. This liquid is designed to be used with Ion Ball Clean 300 appliance. MORE INFO

polishing gels

Several types of gels are available to customize the texture of your ball surface.  Start from lower grit until you get to the surface you want. MORE INFO

ion ball clean 300 

De-greases oil from your ball without damage using Ion Power 2000.

3 - 5 liters of liquid will extract the oil completely for more than 50 balls. MORE INFO

Featured Products

insertion seal 

An innovative material that is very smooth feeling on your thumb.  Try it once and you will not go back to regular tape again.